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“Clean Living Carpet Cleaning Guarantees to make your home cleaner and safer.”
The hot water extraction cleaning method is recommended by most specialised carpet manufacturers as the best and safest way to clean and care for your carpet. In order to protect your valuable investment regular carpet care will prolong the life of your carpet.

Studies have concluded that over 50% of homes contain dust mites and allergen levels that pose a significant risk for the development of allergies and Asthma thus regular cleaning will reduce these high levels dramatically, making your home safer and healthier for you and your family. Our deep hot water steam cleaning removes more harmful nasties than any other method.

New technology encapsulation carpet cleaning system can also be used as an effective way to clean and protect your carpet. This method is effective on curtain carpet fibres. A proper professional judgement by carpet cleaning technician will ensure your satisfaction in achieving the best results.

We also have the most up to date stain removal chemicals and equipment to remove stubborn stains like: red wine, cordials, ink, makeup, alcoholic beverages, oils, paint, blood, tea, coffee, rust and many more.

Our business is built on referrals so customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Coastwide is also fully insured for your piece of mind.

Flood Restoration

Even when the waters have ebbed, there is still the difficult task of getting your life, and your home, back in order. When it comes to flood restoration, it is always important to put safety first. A flooded house can have structural damage and toxic mould . If the flooding in your area was pervasive, flood waters may also contain toxic chemicals, grey water and sewage. Always be cautious and get expert advice before re- entering a flooded house.

Mould is one of the top hazards encountered during flood restoration. Areas that have been wet for more than 48 hours will start sprouting mould.

The first step to flood restoration is to make sure that your utilities are turned off and that there are no immediate dangers to yourself. The most common injury after a flood is from slipping.

This next stage is were we come in. We will remove any standing water from your home. Standing water can breed disease and destroy your home’s structural integrity. We will use industrial wet vacuums and mechanical drying tools to complete this process.

The final stage is Re-installation of the carpets.

Because our technicians are qualified in carpet re-installation we can complete the whole process quickly with ease.